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Dashi Stardust releases the mysterious and captivating single "You”, on which she collaborated with producer and guitar master Geoff Tyson. 

Along with this song, Dashi releases a music video that represents the contrast between dark melancholy, and sober reflection of the mind . The clip follows the song's lyrics and pays tribute to the inner strength of feminine individuality. Dashi successfully manifests it as a director by using her favourite means of expression. You is about embracing all facets of one's psyche and rediscovering lost confidence.

Dashi Stardust and Geoff Tyson, began their musical collaboration with the track "Ordinary Things" in 2020 and they continue on their experimental musical journey together. For their next collaboration, they have enlisted the well-known to Czech audiences David Landstof, who can also be heard on You.

“You” is the first single from the upcoming album, which will be released in late 2022. On it, Dashi wants to return to the diversity of styles that have influenced her throughout her life, not only in music, but also in dance and other artistic endeavors.

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